L & L Racing Engines LLC mission is to build high quality and durable performance engines. We here at L & L Racing Engines not only know the art of high performance engine building, but we know the racing industry as a whole, since we have been involved in racing and automotive as long as we have been building performance engines. As degreed engineers, we not only bring you a racer perspective, but also the analytical and theoretical knowledge to our customers. We also stay involved in the racing by fielding our own Top Dragster in NHRA Division 3, so look us up when you are out at the races.

The biggest benefit of having a L & L Racing Engines product, is that all of our engines are custom built to your needs. We do have several base engine combinations to use as a starting point, but special attention is given to what the purpose of the engine is being built for. With that special attention to your needs, we feel that we can get the most out of your engine.

L & L Racing Engines only uses the highest quality brand name parts in the engines that we build at our facility. These parts have been track tested in our very own race car and those are the same parts that we offer to our customers.

Our machinists pay special attention to your engine during the machining process and use only the state of the art equipment.

We hope that you have learned a little about our company. We look forward to building you a high quality engine that will hopefully make you a winner!!!

Feel free to contact us and we will be happy to answer any questions you have regarding your custom engine built by L & L Racing Engines.





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We are very happy to welcome Vibra-Tite as a partner again on the team for the 2014 racing season. They are a leader in thread locking and thread sealing anaerobic, Epoxies and RTV. Please visit their website at www.vibratite.com for more information or you can stop by our trailer during the season. Thanks to everyone at Vibra-Tite for the support!